Why Us?

We have a strong customer focus, where quality, client satisfaction and security are key priorities. We see Outsourcing as a partnership between us and the client and pride ourselves in acquiring an in-depth understanding of each client’s outsourcing objectives and requirements.

Benefits of Outsourcing with Vision 3K Technologies (V3KT)

Reduce cost

Significant decrease in operational costs of 40% or more, replacing employee fixed costs with an on-demand (variable) cost

Immediate Access to Qualified Accountants

Comprehensively trained and qualified additional resources to enable a firm to balance accounting workloads across peak periods, without compromising quality or delivery

Increase Revenues

Ability to focus on revenue earning activities and use the virtual accounting resources for repeatable non-core tasks

Guaranteed Data Security

Secure operational environment where data cannot be copied or distributed and where all employees are bound by a company non-disclosure agreement

Free Trial

A ‘No Obligation 30 Days Free Trial’

No Worries of:

  • Staff Attrition
  • Missed deadlines
  • Incomplete Accounts
  • Unreconciled Control Accounts

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