"I was doubtful about the real benefits of outsourcing but following due diligence we ran a pilot to satisfy ourselves that the company had the domain knowledge, IT infrastructure, operating methodology and security measures necessary for this type of operation. Following the pilot success we entered into the outsourcing project without any apprehensions. In hindsight, outsourcing has proved a successful initiative through which we benefited immensely."

- Leading Hotelier and Owner of Hotel Chain

"It was a major concern in my mind how I could help my HNI Principal to take right investment decisions.Getting financial data updates in optimum time that reflect position of his net worth with unfailing accuracy was the prime requisite. With investments distributed across cross section of assets such as multi currency securities, complex instruments and load of multi currency transactions in more than 100 banks, it was a major challenge till we outsourced it to Vision 3K. They systematically analyze the transactions, collate them and prepare accounts and related financial reports in structured format every month and help us with our objective."

- CFO for a HNI Individual

"As a Client Relationship Manager of a major Trust in Jersey, my KRA is to keep my clients happy. Timely completion of monthly accounts is one of the prime deliverable for service fulfillment. Having experienced the challenges on availability of right skill at optimum cost, I was recommended to outsource accounting services to Vision 3K who had a successful track record. They have not only brought our clients' accounts in arrears online but also backed them up with several reports on critical financial information at regular interval. I am happy to recommend their services

- Client Relationship Manager of a Major Trust in Jersey

"M/S Vision 3K Technologies has been associated with us since 2003 rendering services in various areas of outsourcing and consulting. We have found their services of extremely high standard and a great value to our organization."

- Vice President (Accounts, Systems and Admin) of a Large Shipping Company

"We have been using the outsourcing services of Vision 3K for medical billing and are happy with the work. They have been reliable in terms of accuracy, timeliness and productivity and we have no objection in recommending them to any organization interested in high quality outsourcing."

- Owner of a Medical Management Company in the USA

"Vision 3K has contributed in a major way to design our accounting process linking various functions with written documentation. We have found their greatest strength to be quick responses and strong process orientation to make life easy for the client."

- A Large Foundry Company with German Collaboration

“This is to put on record our appreciation that Advisory and Consultancy Services provided by Vision 3K Technologies to help us establish our unit in India and their help in setting up Business processes and systems have been found very useful"

- Managing Director of a Technical Services Company in the USA

“Being an engineering company we required someone with a strong understanding of accounting and cost management to design our processes to tie up, measure and report the accurate accounting of conversion of raw materials to components and finally finished product with predefined ratios. Vision 3K Technologies has came up time and again with practical solutions to resolve our variances and stock reconciliations and provide us with timely MIS"

- Managing Director of a large Engineering Company

Accountancy Firm Testimonials

"We were already outsourcing our accounts to a local firm in the UK. But it was only when we changed to Vision 3K Technologies (V3KT) that we realized the full potential and complete benefits of outsourcing. We unhesitatingly recommend outsourcing through Vision 3K Technologies (V3KT)."

- Chartered Accountant, Former Director European Operations, Global Accounting Firm

"I am very encouraged by the quality of work produced and the fact that the structure of files fit so well into our system. The actual mechanics of transferring information and instructions works well and I am now convinced that there is genuine scope for outsourcing the work successfully."

- Chartered Accountant and Partner in a leading Accounting Firm

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