While Advisory Services (Click Here) can take care of establishing your new business in India, Vision 3K Technologies (V3KT) can help its clients enhance business performance through its consulting division.

Some of the services that Vision 3K Technologies (V3KT) can help you with are as below:

  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Systems Audit

Business Process Re-Engineering

Today's businesses need continuous improvement in their processes. Vision 3K Technologies (V3KT) helps its clients in increasing efficiency by in depth study of these processes and by applying "Out of the Box" thinking. Processes are revisited by Vision 3K Technologies (V3KT) team and where necessary, appropriate technology tools are introduced. By collaborative effort, Vision 3K Technologies (V3KT) also helps its client manage the "Change environment" post BPR exercise.

System Audit

In the days of knowledge economy, Information Technology (I.T.) Processes have no longer remained a "Facilitator" but have assumed prime importance as a focal point on which the entire business process depends. Therefore some of the issues which become very relevant are:

  • How secure are your business processes with reference to the given Information Technology facilities?
  • What is the extent of reliability, confidentiality and integrity of Data?
  • Are the Data Ownership Norms clearly defined and unambiguous?
  • Does your organization have a clear-cut "Internet Policy" and E-Governance norms?

Areas In Which We Provide Services

  • Security Policy
  • Internet Policy
  • Outsourcing process
  • Study of Disaster Recovery Planning & Business Continuity Planning
  • Management Structure

Insurance Claim Audit

If as a mid-sized Insurance Company you are worried as to whether you are paying only those insurance claims which are genuine and legitimate. We can help you to reassure it by providing audit service for insurance claims, which will ascertain after due diligence whether what you paid for as Audit Claims was legitimate or not.

Our Team

Includes CISA, Chartered Accountants, Systems Analysts, Certified programmers and Network Engineer whose talent and experience can be integrated for providing a value addition to your organization.

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